Celebrate Driving: Mazda’s Dedication

February 26th, 2016 by


Mazda is dedicated to building cars that allow their drivers, who brim with the Celebrate Driving, to control them to their heart’s desire. Always has been and always will be.

To this end, we are extremely happy to be able to assist in providing everyone with amazing driving experiences so that they can even further appreciate the Celebrate Driving when they grasp the steering wheel of these cars for themselves.

Although the driving process is usually fairly unconscious, by concentrating on controlling the car with proper technique we can deepen our real abilities. By doing this, the connection between the car and driver, and even the passengers, becomes more consolidated which makes even the most casual drive that much more enjoyable. When this results in a desire to drive even further, to us there is nothing better. In an accident, the instantaneous reaction from the car and the driver’s response is something that can only be experienced in an emergency. We think it is important to provide opportunities for drivers to experience the safety features of their car, along with the limits of its performance, as well as the driver’s own ability, before an accident ever occurs.

There are in infinite variety of ways for drivers to interact and enjoy cars, polish their technique and take on the challenge to achieve even more. We support a variety of desires that people wish to achieve through their cars, whether it be as a hobby, a source of pride, a way to interact with family, or to even realize their dreams. I believe that this aim of delivering a car that provides the “Celebrate Driving” is our mission.

We think it is important for Mazda owners, who each have their own aspirations, to be provided with the chance to experience actual driving lessons and compete in real motorsports, in order that they can fully appreciate and enjoy their Mazda cars. To that end we provide stages in which each driver can participate within their own style.

A car is not just something that you use to get around. Mazda’s belief in the “Celebrate Driving” is an aim to enrich and make people’s lives more enjoyable through their vehicle.

If you want to learn what it’s like to celebrate driving, stop by Beach Mazda and we’ll start the party!

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