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Full Circle Service Report Card

Do you know what Full Circle Service Report Card is? Keep reading to learn some important service information!

Full Circle Service Report CardFull Circle Service Report

Here at Beach Mazda, and at all Mazda Dealership across the globe, your vehicle gets something special when you bring it in for service. It’s called the Full Circle Service Report Card. If you’ve been in our service department before, you’ve gotten the report. In fact, you get the Full Circle Service Report Card each and every time your vehicle visits the service department. Better yet, it’s a free service Mazda offers so you’ll always know what’s going on with your vehicle.

On Each Visit

No matter the reason your Mazda vehicle is in service department, your vehicle will always receive a Full Circle Service Report Card. At the end of your service visit, you will receive the report card form where your service advisor and/or service technician will have checked the following items on your vehicle:

  • Full Circle Service Report CardInterior/Exterior

    • Windshield for cracks, chips and pitting
    • Wiper blades/inserts
    • Washer spray and wiper operation
    • Horn, interior and exterior lights
    • HVAC operation
    • Parking brake
    • State inspection due date (if applicable)
  • Full Circle Service Report CardUnder Hood

    • Check & Fill
      • Windshield wiper fluid level
      • Brake fluid level/condition
      • Automatic transmission fluid level
      • Power steering fluid level/condition
      • Coolant recovery reservoir level/condition
      • Engine oil level/condition
    • Cooling system for visible leaks and damage
    • Drive belts
    • Oil and/or fluid leaks
    • Air filter
  • Full Circle Service Report CardUnder Vehicle

    • Constant velocity (CV) drive axle boots, as well as
    • Clutch operation (if equipped)
    • Steering, steering linkages/wheel play/bearings, as well as
    • Suspension (shocks/struts for bounce/leaks/damage)
    • Exhaust system (leaks, visible damage, loose parts)
    • Brake line, hoses

Beach Mazda Service

After all of that is complete, your service advisor will then go over what require immediate attention and what you may want to keep an eye upon. If you don’t understand something, or if you have questions about the Full Circle Service Report Card, please talk to your Mazda Service Advisor! Beach Mazda’s advisors and technicians are specifically trained to work on YOUR Mazda vehicle. Call us now to schedule your next service appointment!

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