Koeru Concept – Mazda’s First Sketches

October 2nd, 2015 by

KOERU concept

Japanese car maker aims to further raise benchmark in competitive SUV segment

In a world premiere at the 66th 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA), Mazda will reveal the Mazda Koeru, a new crossover SUV concept that makes a bold statement in an increasingly popular and competitive segment.

Koeru, Japanese for “exceed” or “go beyond”, is a fitting name for Mazda’s latest venture into the growing crossover SUV market, where the company is again looking to surpass existing standards and raise the bar for performance, efficiency and overall value.

With its formidable KODO – Soul of Motion design, the Koeru expresses the power and vitality of a predator along with a unique level of refined dignity. The full line-up of Mazda’s latest SKYACTIV™® TECHNOLOGY, meanwhile, ensures outstanding dynamic performance, fuel economy and safety with no compromise to Mazda’s patented driving fun.

Sketches tend to distort a vehicle’s actual proportions, and the perspective on this one appears to be playing some visual tricks. Some things can’t be hidden so easily, though. The Koeru appears to wear a more sharply angled version of Mazda’s shield-shaped grille, and the headlights evolve the look of the Mazda CX-3 with an even narrower squint. The steeply raked rear hatch provides a coupe-like roof line, but we wonder if the angle is this pronounced in real life.

Reports from last year suggest that a new Mazda CX-9 is on the way in 2016, and we could be getting a preview with the Koeru. Mazda is also purportedly developing a Mazda CX-7 successor. We should get a better idea if this show car represents either of those future CUVs when we can see it in the metal in Germany.

We can’t wait to see how the finished product will look!

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