One Millionth Mazda Comes Home

June 21st, 2017 by

One MillionthOne Millionth

Everyone loves the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Now, the one millionth MX-5 Miata has return to Mazda headquarters in Hiroshima after its year-long globe circling tour.


The one millionth Mazda MX-5 Miata is a commemorative model that celebrates the production of 1 million units of the iconic sports car. Mazda created the tour in order to celebrate reaching one million units with their fans. It was a sort of “thank you” to everyone who showed support for the model over the years. During the tour, the vehicle was displayed at more than thirty events in Japan, Germany, Spain, Canada and the United States among others. Thousands of MX-5 fans signed their names on the bodywork.

One MillionthIn the United States alone, the “Millionth Miata Celebration Tour” made 18 stops between August and November of last year.

“Seeing so many signatures from all over the world really brought home the fact that people from different countries, cultures and generations have supported the MX-5 for more than a quarter of a century,” said Masashi Nakayama, Program Manager and Chief Designer of the fourth-generation MX-5. “We are forever grateful to these fans, and we will continue working to elevate this car, a symbol of Mazda’s dedication to driving pleasure, to the realm of high culture as we set our sights on the next milestone – 2 million units.”

One MillionthOn Display

Upon returning to Japan, the One Millionth Miata took part in the Hiroshima Flower Festival parade that was held on May third. It then sat on display in Mazda’s headquarters for five days.

We have to agree, this is some pretty special news. To think there are now well over a million MX-5 Miatas that have been made is incredible. The MX-5 Miata sure is a special car.


Another awardWant your own?

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