Road Hazard Coverage for Mazda Tires

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Road Hazard

You can’t miss all the nails in the road. Getting a flat tire is no fun whatsoever. That’s why you’re covered! Keep reading to learn more about Mazda’s Road Hazard Coverage.

Eligible tires purchased at Beach Mazda include 24-month road hazard coverage. This means:

  • 100% coverage the first year
  • 50% coverage the second year, as well as
  • Flat repair coverage up to $20 per occurrence

The Tire Road Hazard Program is included with new tires sold by dealership participating in the Mazda Tire Center and is administered by Sonsio Management, Inc.

Road HazardWhat is Covered

This program covers only the tires sold by a dealership participating in the Mazda Tire Center and listed clearly on the original purchase invoice. It is identified by the listed part number or SKU number, while installed on the vehicle identified by year, make and model on your original purchase receipt. This program is limited to the repair or replacement of tires damaged by a road hazard as described below.

Term of Coverage

This program covers eligible tires for a term of 24 months from the date on your original purchase invoice for the tires, or until any part of the tire tread that comes in contact with the road has a tread depth of 2/32” or less, whichever comes first.

Road HazardWhat is Road Hazard Damage?

Road hazard damage occurs when a tire fails as a result of a puncture , bruise or impact break incurred during the course of normal driving on a road maintained by state or local authority. Nails, glass and potholes are the most common examples of a road hazard. No one likes to deal with those things, of course!

What are the Benefits?

This program provides reimbursement for the flat tire repair and/or tire replacement. It offers coverage up to the original purchase price of the tire or the replacement tire cost, whichever is less during the Coverage Term, when an eligible tire is damaged by a road hazard.

What are the Requirements?

Your original purchase invoice must include the following:

  • Participating dealership name, address and phone number, as well as
  • Your full name, address and signature
  • The year, make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle, as well as
  • The brand, type, size and part number or SKU number of each tire
  • Under no circumstances shall 100% coverage exceed $399.99 per covered tire

Road HazardWhen seeking service for an eligible tire that has been damaged by a road hazard you must return to a Participating Dealership. If the dealership where you purchased the tire is no longer participating in the program, you will be directed to the next available Participating Dealership for service.

Call Beach Mazda

Exclusions do apply. If you have any questions about this program, by all means, please give Beach Mazda Service Department a call today. The Service Advisor is ready to help you! In other words, call today!

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