RX-VISION Named Most Beautiful Concept

April 29th, 2016 by


Mazda’s stunning rotary-powered sports car concept, the Mazda RX-VISION, recently won the “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” award at the 31st Festival Automobile International.

Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s international design chief, accepted the award alongside of Kevin Rice, Mazda’s European design director, Julien Montousse, his counterpart at Mazda North America, and Mazda designer Norihito Iwao.

The “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” is just another honor for Mazda’s global design division. The team also took home three prizes last September. That was at the Automotive Brand Contest. They received the prestigious “2015 Team of the Year” award. The RX-VISION was nominated this year along with the Bentley Exp10 Speed 6, Peugeot Fractal, and Porsche Mission E. Mazda’s concept shared the podium with the latter.

The Mazda RX-Vision was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show this past November. The Mazda RX-VISION concept demonstrates Mazda’s challenger spirit. The company’s latest concept car is a truly impressive interpretation of its KODO: Soul of Motion design philosophy. The smooth-flowing proportions roar of performance while paying tribute to Mazda’s rich heritage of front engine, rear-wheel drive sports cars. Indeed, the rotary powertrain’s compactness makes traits like the low bonnet possible. Mazda fans are eager to see this creation go into production. We’re excited!


The concept award goes to the vehicle that best show pure design creativity and emerging trends. It is one of four grand prizes at the annual event. The winners chosen by a jury of experts and enthusiasts from the world of motorsports, architecture, fashion and design.

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