SKYACTIV™-X: Do you know what it is?

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By now, you must have heard about Mazda’s new SKYACTIV™-X engine. It features Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition which is a never-before-seen combustion method. It’s also the second step in Mazda’s development of a gasoline engine with the perfect internal combustion mechanism. No doubt, this has been a long term goal of engineers. In this new engine, spark plug ignition is used to control compression ignition. This results in a greatly improved range of important performance indicators.


The groundbreaking SKYACTIV™-X engine is exclusive to Mazda. Mazda also believes that there is still plenty of room for further evolution of the combustion engine. This technology also has the potential to help the global environment. Mazda has no plans to end their mission to develop the ideal combustion engine. The corporate vision of protecting the planet while enriching people’s lives through the “joy of driving” continues.

SKYACTIV™-XFuel Saving

The range where the engine is able to deliver excellent fuel economy has been dramatically expanded with the use of the SKYACTIV™-X, meaning that this system is able to deliver lower fuel consumption than ever before in a whole range of driving scenarios, including city driving, long-distance driving on expressways and more.




Unique to Mazda, the SKYACTIV™-X is a new kind of combustion engine that combines the advantages of gasoline and diesel engines to achieve outstanding environmental performance and uncompromised power and acceleration performance. This revolutionary technology represents the start of an exciting new stage in our quest to develop the ideal internal combustion engine. Fully supporting the Jinba-ittai driving experience Mazda aims to provide, SKYACTIV™-X was developed in consideration of our planet and all who live here.

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